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Timeline and Tagging Settings

Learn how to set up for your Timeline and Tagging Settings, It is right place and article for you, Here we discuss all things regarding your timeline and tags, We clearly explain everything step by steps with plus screenshot. Also read my last article about Facebook Privacy Settings.

Timeline and Tagging Settings

1. First of all open any web browser Paste this link in the URL bar: 
2. Now click on Timeline and Tagging located at left sidebar at top of Facebook settings Page.
3. Now I am trying give you the answer off following question with screenshot of each option.

Who can add things to my timeline?

Who can post on your timeline ? Please select it only you.

Who can tag you ? please select it from disable to enable.

Who can see things on my timeline?

View as other your stuff here is public view for your profile.

See tag you just select it as only me.

Select only me.

How can I manage tags people add and tagging suggestions?

Review Tag People

Tag other audience

Timeline and Tagging Settings 3
Tag Suggestions Set it as you only or no one.

Timeline and Tagging Settings 1

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Facebook Privacy Settings

Facebook Privacy Settings If you want to setup your privacy Who can see your stuff and Who can contact you and loop you up, All thing is here this article is perfect for you. Just follow my steps and see screenshot below. Okay my last post: Manage Facebook About.

Facebook Privacy Settings

1. Go to the facebook settings just visit :
2. Now at left hand side click on Privacy and start setting.

Who can see my stuff ?

See below screenshot where i make stuff as  public. It depends upon you either you can set it as friends, or only me.

Facebook Privacy Settings your stuff

Hit on button confirm to whatever stuff set as on your choice.

Facebook Privacy Settings 4
 Now select Okay button finally for your stuff settings.

Facebook Privacy Settings 6
 Check your timeline reviews here. What your friends reviews about you.

Facebook Privacy Settings 8
See this picture below.

Facebook Privacy Settings 10

Who can contact me?
See this in the picture below, You can share your contacts for everybody or friends of friend.

Facebook Privacy Settings 12

Who can look me up?

See this in your email provider who can see it. Choose it as everyone

Facebook Privacy Settings 14

Set it as who can see your mobile number which is provided by you.

Facebook Privacy Settings 16

Now Click on your Search Engine like ,, or like bing and many other your stuff they crawl or not. By default setting chosen as Yes.

Facebook Privacy Settings 8

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Manage Facebook About

Manage Facebook About, If you want add information which is concern to your Facebook Profile, I have created some steps to tell you below. My last was Manage Facebook Photos

Manage Facebook About 


When all thing is clear here see in below as add all is here.

Manage Facebook About  2

Work and education

Add you work position or what are you doing now a days here in screenshot.

Manage Facebook About 4

Places you've lived

 I add is here and save it, Shown in the below snapshot.

Manage Facebook About  6

Contact and basic info

Add number and verify it as in this below 

Manage Facebook About 8

Conform it here for your number verification, Code which is added into your mobile.

Manage Facebook About 10
Hit on Okay button

Manage Facebook About 12
Number is verified see sett it.

Manage Facebook About 14

Family and relationships

Here is your current status married or single etc.

Manage Facebook About 16
Add Relation See here

Manage Facebook About 18
Final Look alike

Manage Facebook About 20

Details about you

Add Title Here about you.

Manage Facebook About 21
Set it as see below

Manage Facebook About 23

Life events

Add Special event of your life, or any movement that you what share with your friends. seet as add job opportunity in the screenshot.

Manage Facebook About 25

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Manage Facebook Photos

Manage Facebook Photos How to manage all of your uploaded Facebook Photos, If you want to change, delete, update photos which is on your Facebook Account then it is right article for you. My last post is about : Get Facebook Fan Page Verification Tick Mark.

Manage Facebook Photos

1. Facebook login
2. Go your Facebook Profile Visit:
 3. Click on Photo Pen Open and Click on delete photo.

 4. Click on Confirm Photo to Delete it.

 5. Add New Photo Hit on Post button to publish your image as post.

6. Click on create Album + plus sign as I pointed in the screenshot below

7. Follow the steps of screenshot to create album and add photos, Title, Location etc.

8.  You are Done Facebook Photo Album has been created successfully.

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